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Any marriage will inevitably face a battery of storms during the course of its life. Some couples may face bigger problems than others, but the one constant in any relationship is a series of tests and trials that will occur over the years and decades.

One way or another, you and your spouse will have to go through your own unique set of conflicts. When it comes to marital problems it’s always a question of “when” rather than “if”.

For many couples, the root of their difficulties doesn’t lie in their actual problems, but in their lack of preparation. Some think that being merely aware that married life isn’t perfect will be enough to help them get past conflicts. However, foresight is much more than just anticipating the problems ahead – it also has a lot to do with taking precautions in order to deal with them.

That is why a regular habit of preventive maintenance is important in preserving any investment you make in life. With something as precious and priceless as your marriage, you should be mindful of the things you have to do today in order to strengthen your foundations on a long-term basis.

Save My Marriage Today

Think of your relationship as a tree; reinforcing your roots will make it difficult for any storm to yank it out of the ground.

Specifically, regular dates and rituals are some of the most practical but vital measures you can take to preserve the health of your marriage. Cars break down when they are neglected or miss their scheduled check-ups.

That’s basically what life is all about: constant maintenance that keeps everything in good working order. A little tweak here and a minor adjustment there go a long way in keeping your relationship from going off-course.

When you make the conscious effort to clear a chunk of your time for your spouse, it signifies that it’s in your interest to keep each other happy. Not only that, every date you keep or ritual that you habitually observe are small but infinitely powerful affirmations that you want to stay with your partner for better or worse.


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